A Call To Witness

ISBN10: 1907565825
ISBN13: 9781907565823
Number Of Pages: 308
Publication Date: 20140808
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781907565823
Michael Strange, international art dealer, had everything: now he faces financial ruin after an ill-fated fling with the deeply troubled Lauren O'Neill. But that's the least of his worries. Still traumatised after escaping a house fire in which his lover was killed, Michael has to endure a daunting future of recovery from his wounds and the consequences of her suspicious death. Lauren's violent sister, Maggie, is hell-bent on settling old scores...and soon Michael finds himself being stalked; realising that his life and the lives of those dearest to him are in grave danger from her murderous clutches. And it gets worse: Maggie isn't alone. Her accomplices are equally dangerous and plan to destroy the dynasty that Michael has created. The trap is set. In order to fight the conflict Michael must decide if his CALL TO WITNESS is a deal with the devil...and in doing so he finally uncovers the terrifying fate of what really happened to Lauren. Michael must choose between survival...and sacrifice. But who among them is willing to be the sacrificial lamb?