A Bushel of Light

ISBN10: 0773761403
ISBN13: 9780773761407
Number Of Pages: 244
Publication Date: 20000901
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780773761407

I was trapped here in this square brick house. Trapped with Willy's threats, Matthew's roars, Kathleen's silences -- not because I couldn't run away again if I chose to, and not because I had no money, or because I was scared of being alone in the dark countryside.

I was trapped because of Lizzy; because I couldn't turn her into an orphan like me.

Six years ago Maggie was torn from her twin sister and sent to Canada as a Barnardo Home child. Orphaned and completely alone, she found herself living with the Howards, a falling-apart family with a falling-apart farm. Now, just 14 years old, Maggie is already responsible for all of the housework, a great deal of the farm work, and the care of the Howard's four-year-old daughter, Lizzy.

Maggie is meant to stay on the farm for seven more years, but then how would she ever find her sister again? With the words run away whispering through her head, Maggie struggles to find a way to save both herself and Lizzy.