A Born Maniac, or Puddles's Progress

ISBN10: 0966335260
ISBN13: 9780966335262
Publication Date: 20111115
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780966335262
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The Fourth Sequel to The CheerleaderI'm a Maine native, a born Maniac.-Jean Pond Cram, aka Puddles.Puddles may have been born in Maine, but where are her real roots? She spent her teens in New Hampshire and her married life in South Carolina. Has she established roots in these other states? Or has she felt like a displaced person all these years?The most uninhibited of The Cheerleader's three friends, Puddles is widowed now and working at two jobs in South Carolina (nurse and cheerleading coach). She appears to be settled down for the rest of her life. Normally intrepid and sure of herself, she finds that uncertainty starts with the death of her mother, a complicated milestone for daughters. Concern about her father galvanizes her, and their trip to visit Maine relatives will become her progress to adventure, an island, a castle, hard decisions, and rebirth.Puddles is just as hilarious as when she chased Snowy around a 1950s Woolworth's with giant underwear.-from the foreword by Ann V. Norton