9000 Years of Wine

Phillips, Rod

ISBN10: 1770502408
ISBN13: 9781770502406
Number Of Pages: 370
Publication Date: 20170901
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
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Humans have had a complicated history with wine for thousands of years. It has been a banal item in the daily diet and treated as a liquid treasure. It has been venerated as a gift from the gods and cursed as threat to social order. It has been considered healthy to drink as well as a hazard to health. In 9000 Years of Wine, Rod Phillips surveys this long story and places wine in the broad sweep of history. He shows how it has been linked to big social, cultural, and economic swings, how it has been caught up in wars and revolutions, and how it has had an impact on the lives of men and women for millennia.