101 Things Dogs Do To Annoy Their Owners

ISBN10: 1933591196
ISBN13: 9781933591193
Number Of Pages: 120
Publication Date: 20140514
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781933591193
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Dog owners everywhere will identify with these humorous and heartwarming full-color cartoons, interspersed with quotes and jokes about our favorite furry friends. The lighthearted illustrations will keep you chuckling through your pet’s incessant scratching or late-night barking, and remind you of the power of love for our canine companions and the lengths we’ll go to in order to keep them safe. Like our pets, we too have a loving Master who desires to keep us out of harm’s way, and whose commands we should obey to enjoy eternal life with Him.

This entertaining book includes an evangelistic message in the back, offering a creative and inoffensive way to share the gospel with the dog lovers in your life.