A Dream of Red Mansions

ISBN10: 1602200041
ISBN13: 9781602200043
Number Of Pages: 234
Publication Date: 20100910
Publisher: Tuttle
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781602200043
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This exquisite edition of A Dream of Red Mansions features a rare set of Qing Dynasty paintings by Sun Wen. This collector's edition features a complete set of Sun Wen's 230 paintings in splendid color, printed on fine paper. Condensed text from the original novel accompanies each of the paintings and offers a wonderful insight and a brief summary of each of the 120 chapters.

This rare edition will be a keepsake for many generations, and is perfect for gift-giving and presentations. The original paintings are presently preserved in Lvshun Museum, Dalian, China.