Social Reality and Tradition

ISBN10: 8131600408
ISBN13: 9788131600405
Number Of Pages: 214
Publication Date: 20060101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9788131600405
"What makes something social? Is human social reality, the object-domain of the human sciences, essentially opaque to the explanatory method of nomological objectivity that characterizes the physical sciences? Do historical and cultural underpinnings of human existence severely restrain the ambition of objectivity in the human sciences? Or, is there a sui generis paradigm of social objectivity in social enquiry, such as illustrated by Marxism and Ethnomethodology? Besides, do diversity of traditions constrain social understanding in a way that inevitably results in cultural relativism? What does understanding tradition consist in, including whatever we might mean by ``the Indian tradition''? These questions about humanity and tradition are dealt with in this book from a variety of interesting perspectives. Together these various modes of understanding provide an illuminating account of human self-understanding in social enquiry."