1-Minute Gratitude Journal

With unique prompts for each day, the 1-Minute Gratitude Journal helps kids develop a habit of thankfulness, discover the amazing health and attitude benefits of practicing gratitude, and have a lot of fun along the way.
ISBN10: 1400225019
ISBN13: 9781400225019
Number Of Pages: 176
Publication Date: 20210504
Publisher: ThomasNelson
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781400225019

Kids will discover how to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness through the 1-Minute Gratitude Journal, an interactive guide to helping children reflect on the good in every day and appreciate the positive things in their lives.

From giggly playdates to favorite meals to family game night, kids have a lot to enjoy in the world around them. With its interactive elements and kid-friendly layout, the 1-Minute Gratitude Journal helps children explore their feelings and focus on life's blessings--a daily practice that will provide benefits for years to come. In fact, scientific research shows that children who practice an attitude of gratitude experience tremendous physical and psychological benefits, including:

  • Higher levels of happiness and self-esteem
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • A greater ability to empathize with others
  • Even a stronger immune system!

But the greatest benefit of practicing gratitude is the habit of recognizing God's goodness from a young age. That's why the 85 entries in the 1-Minute Gratitude Journal include:

  • Fun and easy prompts to help kids name three things they're thankful for
  • Bible verses that remind kids of God's goodness
  • Space to draw favorites (a special moment from the day, a beloved family member, etc.)
  • Activities to share thankfulness with others
  • Prayers to thank God for every good thing

The 1-Minute Gratitude Journal can spark joy-filled conversations with your child at bedtime or as a family around the dinner table as your young reader shares his or her reflections.

Cultivating a spirit of gratitude is one of the best ways for kids to develop into strong and happy adults. This practical and engaging guide will strengthen your child's spiritual and mental well-being--and yours too!