Childless Couples

ISBN10: 8131600130
ISBN13: 9788131600139
Number Of Pages: 230
Publication Date: 20060101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
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"This study traces the causes of childlessness, and specifically its link to organic, cultural and psychological factors. It lays special emphasis on social attitudes towards childlessness, the changes in interpersonal relationships within and outside the family, and the subsequent behavioural changes that occur in the aggrieved couple itself. Since the study was mainly aimed to identify and implement methods to mitigate tensions caused by childlessness, information was sought from respondents on how they managed such tensions. Various remedial measures, including different kinds of medical interference and alternative therapies, have also been discussed in considerable detail. The study also highlights the aspects of sterility and infertility in India, identifies their social consequences, and enumerates some of the technology-backed remedies. It will help overcome the ill-effects of childlessness in a society, which at times expresses intolerance towards such a problem."