A Prayer Journey with the Apostle Paul

This beautifully written devotional is a thorough biblical study of Paul in prayer, giving solid food for thought and prayer.
ISBN10: 0310252466
ISBN13: 9780310252467
Number Of Pages: 144
Publication Date: 20040711
Publisher: Zondervan
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780310252467
Few of us have the ease or intimacy in prayer that you would expect to find in family conversation between children and parents. We need help in this area above almost anything else in the spiritual life—and God in his generosity has provided it through the Apostle Paul.A Prayer Journey with the Apostle Paul is a beautifully written devotional that takes us to the heart of this man of God. Through daily readings from Acts and the Epistles we discover the essence of Paul’s prayers in meditation, petition, and praise—earnestly seeking God’s guidance, confident in the Spirit, unremitting in requests for the spiritual growth of others, and overflowing with thankfulness. As we overhear the Apostle in communion with his God, we discover how our own prayer lives can be transformed.