111 Days

A man from humble beginnings and not much of a religious background, Pastor Davis walks us through the ups and downs of being chosen and living the life of a porn addict, and how God and his loving wife and children become the catalyst for his complete deliverance on the road back to freedom.
ISBN10: 1400329655
ISBN13: 9781400329656
Number Of Pages: 44
Publication Date: 20191112
Publisher: ThomasNelson
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781400329656

Forget the 12-step plan to deliverance or the, if you do what I do you will have what I have plans that take our money and we see no results. 111 Days: The Road to Freedom will change your way of thinking about deliverance and healing in a way that is practical and attainable through prayer and work. Not for the faint at heart because of the subject matter, but it deals with an issue that the church has failed to address. The issue affects men and women and the outlets for help are little to none because the behavior is viewed as normal or acceptable by society.

This brief book will take you through a journey that explains how the writer himself overcame the addiction to pornography and where it came from and how to fight for your own deliverance. Pastor Davis comes out of hiding to expose the enemy that is lurking in our homes, businesses, and churches.

Your freedom starts right here but it’s all up to you to stay on the road.