365 Bible Verses a Year Calendar 2011

ISBN10: 0761154345
ISBN13: 9780761154341
Number Of Pages: 320
Publication Date: 20100615
Publisher: Workman
Binding: Calendar
SKU: 9780761154341
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Receive the comfort, joy, and wisdom of the Bible throughout the year. America's bestselling Bible calendar, 365 Bible Verses pairs a timeless verse from the King James version with a beautiful and uplifting full-color nature photograph on every page. A serene nighttime winterscape accompanies the Genesis account of Creation. John celebrates love, as a ray of light shines through a forest. Matthew blesses the pure of heart, alongside an image of a pristine mountain lake. Plus Proverbs admonishes against vanity, James promotes peace, and Isaiah draws on the strength of his Lord. These are words to live by, from the trusted and eternal source.